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Strategic Business Services

We can deal the below business services with perfect documentation modeling,verification as per your requirement to various clients such as educational institutions, company , NGO , retail business persons and individually also with best team of Charterd accounts and Advocates. And

i)Financial Planning solutions

GST Registrations Income Tax Returns GST returns Company Registrations Cloud Accounting services Internal Audits

ii) NBA & NAAC Accreditation support

I care about all of my client-institutes as one of their team member. and want them to succeed & grow. For this reason, I provide guidance to cater the specific needs of project team members, governors, managers, all faculty members & staff. 

2. The College Governors, Managers and faculty members, officers & staff need to change their mindset to outcome based education & to work as a team to acquire accreditation.

3. Every one needs to focus towards learning relevant performing skills by students rather than caring about only traditional theory lectures.

4. Let me guide your faculty & others. Get in touch by mail or Mob. today to book any of my services.

5. Currently I shall focus only NBA Accreditation of Professional & Technical Insitutions.

We very well understand the needs of faculty specifically related to education technology. My clients faculty members are my number one priority, and We’ll go the extra mile to make sure they’re completely satisfied with our team guidance in acquiring  NBA & NAAC Accreditation.

Workshops: About two to three face to face workshops of duration 2 to 3 days shall be needed depending on in-house faculty awareness & expertise in Education Technology & philosophy of  Outcome Based Education.

Electronic Communication: e-mail is used for exchanging documents for editing and seeking my comments for improvements.

Whatsapp, FB messenger and skype are used for video calls with your faculty groups for seeking in-process clarifications

Time - Logs: I shall be submitting my bills with time -logs after finishing each piece of your work allocated along with with your maximum possible satisfaction.